Everything you need to know about villas in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most famous islands in Greece and that’s pretty important considering that this country is known for having literally thousands of islands. What makes Mykonos stand out from all the other destinations Greece has to offer is the fact that unlike other islands that rely on their natural beauty and cultural interest to attract visitors, this island is all about having a good time. The reason why Mykonos is known all over the world is the fact that it’s full of swinging clubs and extravagant beach bars.

Mykonos’ nightlife might be famous all over the world, but the same doesn’t go about other aspects of the island that could interest potential visitors and tourists, aspects such as accommodation. Most people assume that they can just rent a room or book a hotel room and they are good to go. They just assume that this is all the island has to offer. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Mykonos is a one of a kind island and as such, it offers unique experiences to its visitors, which is why Mykonos villas are becoming more and more popular.

Yes, you read that right: the number of visitors to this amazing island that choose to spend their time there in a luxury villa instead of a hotel room or suite is steadily increasing. If you are thinking of spending your vacation on Mykonos and this sounds interesting, then keep on reading and we will answer all questions that you may have considering Mykonos villas.

Just where are those villas located?

They main keyword when it comes to private villas in Mykonos is privacy and this means that most of them tend to be pretty isolated and away from the “hubs” of fun and activity on the island. This might sound a bit weird – chances are that you want to visit Mykonos because you want to party and have fun – but it basically means that you will also be able to relax a bit when you will not be hitting the clubs. Also, the island is very tiny, so the concept of “isolation” is kind of relative. Simply put, nothing is further than a 10 minute car ride.

How much does it cost to rent a villa?

Since there are dozens of them on an island, providing an average estimate if the rates can be a bit difficult. It all depends on the size of the property and the amenities (more on that later). What we can be sure about though, is the fact that renting a villa definitely costs more than booking a hotel room. The good thing however is the fact that you are able to rent a villa with your friends and divide the cost equally among you.

What sort of amenities can I expect?

Most villas come complete with state of the art furnishings and high tech equipment like home theaters and big screen TVs. You can also expect a swimming pool and a well-maintained garden, complete with a barbecue grill or fire pit. Some villas even offer Jacuzzis! Furthermore, most of the times the price will also include the villa’s staff which can range from cleaning maids all the way to butler’s and professional chefs.

Can I expect anything else?

Yes, there are some other perks to renting a villa which are usually offered by the company that will actually rent you the property. They can for example arrange for VIP transportation from the port or airport to the villa and vice versa. They can also provide you with a local guide that will be on call 24/7 during your stay.

You can take a look to the biggest and most luxurious villa in the island of Mykonos in the following video:

Family vacations with children in Mykonos island

Family vacations in Mykonos

Mykonos is an insanely popular destination for your summer vacations, as it combines everything you are looking for, in order to have the ultimate experience, the one you get once in a lifetime, if you are lucky.

The Island of the Winds as local calls it, because it gets windy during the summer, is particularly renowned for its golden beaches, its mythical turquoise waters, its vibrant cosmopolitan atmoshere, the luxurious products and services, and its notorious around the clock parties.

Obviously, that kind of setting sounds ideal for singles or couples who crave to party hard, and enjoy the frenzy Mykonian night life. So far so good, but what about families? Is Mykonos a friendly summer destination for families with children? The answer may shock you, but Mykonos indeed constitute a great place for family vacations with kids.

Most importantly though, Mykonos with its genuine gay friendly sentiment is an ideal destination for all kinds of families. Both heterosexual and homosexual families with children can find in Mykonos an ideal destination for spending their summer holidays, as the island offer a wide variety of family facilities, which ensure that your children would also have a great time as well. You will be surprised how many families choose to rent luxury villas for their vacation in Mykonos and none of them regretted that decision.

Let’s see though how is Mykonos with kids!

Where to stay

Altough there are a number of choices in terms of hotels for both straight and gay families, the best possible solution for you and your loved ones is the great variety of luxurious villas. These properties provide you with all the services that you and your children would need at any time. They are also scattered in all the island’s territory, so you can find the perfect one for you and your family in the location that best suits you. Mykonos luxury villas is another alternative for those who can afford them, since they provide the whole package when it comes to comfort, privacy and space for your children to enjoy themselves without having to worry about them.

Where to go

There are suitable and ideal places when it comes to both the beach and the Mykonos Town in order to spent some quality family time together. In more detail, concerning the choices refering to the beaches, Agrari beach is a perfect choice, as it combines a cafe, a bar, really calm waters, which makes it safe for the kids, a playground, and watersports. What else a parent would ask for experiencing a relaxed day on the beach with the family! Another option would be the so-called Panormos Beach, which is also a kid friendly choice.

There are also plenty to see with your kids in the Mykonos Town. You can walk aroung the narrow alleys and visit the cool shops. There are some great spots for ice cream and crepes. In your walk you will see many families wandering around until eleven o’clock. After that you can see that the families with children are headed to their accommodation facilities, as at that time the party goers begin to hit the streets.

Where to eat

Being in Mykonos is a wonderful opportunity for you and your children to taste the local Mediterranean cuisine, which is both tasteful and healthy. Some of the great local taverns include Kalosta Restaurant located in Panormas, which is a fantastic place to taste authentic Greek recipes, and Mamalouka, which offers both fresh fish and meat. Thankfully though, if your kids refuse to try anything else there is pasta and pizza available everywhere.

Some extra tips

For some extra fun with your children you can try go-karting in the so-called Raceland Kart. That would be a wonderful experience for both the parent and the kids, as they share the ride. That is a really cool choice which the kids usually love. Last but not least, you have the opportunity to organize a horse riding tour. It is a fantastic joint experience that your entire family would absolutely adore.